Mystery Man #1: Adam Konantovich (Pt.2) Billionaire by 23?!

Adam was always wealthy. He grew up in Norway to a nuclear family worth north of US$100 million (US$240 Million to be exact), their entire nuclear family consisting of 123 members was worth US$ 2.8 Billion, a fortune Adam’s grandfather made. His father later made $2.3 billion more when he put $80 million in the S&P 500 in 1974, bringing the family wealth to US$ 5.1 Billion 21 years later. (( now the extended family wealth is approximately US$ 133.54 Billion dollars))

A short quote from when he came out if the SAS is as follows:

Just like Casanova said he did, I hung out with dissolute fellows completely without any good or moral feeling: suborners of honest girls, drunks, murderers, and the most cunning men that anyone would ever believe exist and I learnt from the handbook of experience, there is a social and conventional logic. I now prioritize the mechanics of the game above my own quirks and seek results rather than reaction in my social interactions. There isn’t objective morality today.

His mother, a grad-school dropout Computer Scientist who attended Carnegie Mellon Comp. Sci PhD /Berkeley UG, achieving a SAT score of 1590 and a GRE score of 2400 and his Father, a Caltech UG (perfect GPA) /Princeton PhD Physics: SAT 1600 and GRE: 2100, tenured at EPFL (26 ~ assistant professor), then Stony Brook and Karlsruhe who probably made his fortune through inheritance and patents.

Since he was a child, he has marveled his family with his extraordinary intellect, prompting his parents to create a varied, stimulating environment for him. The family often traveled in fact it is said they came home for vacation, with Adam self-teaching himself from the family library on the private plane that since became their home till age seven where he was allowed to undergo unofficial graduate tutelage at ENS in over five different departments, as much as he could handle was the official motto of his education and even then he could handle quite a lot. (Covered in an earlier post). By the time Adam was only 24, it was hard to think of a place he had not been reasonably close to at one point or another, he had even picked up 160 languages! (or 159 if you discount Klingon).

He has not even a high-school diploma. His education consists of unofficial attendance at ENS, Tufts and MIT (for graduate courses!) and a record SAT and GRE score. (Mentioned in another post)

His family believed so much in his potential they offered him his inheritance early (US$ 50 million) before he was 13 (1997), by which time his patents (around twenty-seven of them) and architectural designs (won a Dublin architectural competition) had earned him over US$ 71.30 million. Soon following the housing boom since 1997, his real estate empire grew: 195% from investing in South-Africa and anticipating a four-year bust, he quickly sold his homes, this netted him over US$ 370 Million (or around US $ 185 Million after tax) assuming a minimum appreciation of 10% till he was 20, he made around US$ 223.85 Million by the time he was 20.

In 1997, he was introduced as the individuals I study usually are to his first real spot of trouble. During the trips he made to Boston’s intellectual cognoscenti, he had befriended a group of savvy MIT hackers, who cracked small corporations for profit. Adam managed to convince them to aim for bigger fish and over the course of 4 months, they managed to hack the ISS and gain access to military satellite source code which Adam was in the process of downloading through a data farm he rented pseudonymously. His house was swarmed with what to all first-accounts seemed an unofficial Black Ops group. He was taken to ADX Florence, a prison that is known for the profound psychological effects it has on it’s prisoners never experiencing fresh air and socialization. Here he spent four months. Before he was given a deal to allow his sentence to be waived, as to what deal I do not know, possibly Bush’s drones or undercover missions. His various pseudonyms have since become legend in the covert and criminal underworld at least on the shadowy dark web. (Possible links to Roger Hobbs’s legendary First Book, “The Ghostman” perhaps Jack Delton’s exploits are his.)

In Monaco, he started a hedge fund by pooling US$ 1.25 M from 400 trusted friends and family members (family owns a lot of royalties) across Central and Eastern Europe into a cumulative hedge-fund of US$ 687.52 Million (he put in US$ 187.52 M) utilizing his government connections and friendship with Sam Vaknin, a mentor who also amassed wealth quickly, at the age of 21 he was friends with the richest billionaires in the world: Shivdasani, Gaon, Taman, Raccah, Cornfeld.

They devised a clever way of utilizing ingenious option strategies, arbitraging yields of over 300%  (Adam personally generated annual returns of 372.92% from 2004 to 2007 from US$ 650 Million to US$ 72.72 Billion, he had an initial stake of about US$ 185 million), these yields can be collected in immature markets of transition (in Central and Eastern Europe) without normally associated risks. This sub-species of markets is found now mainly in Russia, Serbia, Indonesia and the Balkans all of these markets they spread their investments over. (US$ 23.67 Billion).

They then bought sovereign bonds and notes at discounts of up to 80% of their face value for Russian obligations could be had for less in the precise times before economic transitions such as the Kosovo Crisis, this sky-rocketed his fortune to US$ 55.9 Billion.

Insulated by such a fortune (2008), he was confident enough to claim financial instruments from any local bank across Eastern Europe, offering to buy them and then provide counter-offers to unsuspecting clients, in the end of the debacle the corrupt banks would be forced to collapse at that same time, he was enjoying the ever-lower interest rates (post 9/11) of the US and the UK economies to get even richer, usually borrowing the money in bulk through tombstone IDs of several deceased Macedonian civil servants to fake their being bankrupt at a later date. He also distributed narcotics and food to Somali Pirates and sanctioned nations (Russia, North Korea, Iran etc.) for close to 30% profits.

Somali Pirates are frequently paid hundreds of millions by governments in ransoms and negotiations and African Dictators and corrupt European regimes are very malleable for business deals of this nature.

By the end of the year after many close calls with intelligence and organized crime in addition to dropping returns and soaring risks, he established a legitimate trading house in New York, as his expertise evolved and his experience accumulated, Adam and his hired financial operators learned to slice the hazards, evaluate them using value-at-risk mathematical models, tailor them to the needs of specific customer profiles, hedge them with complex derivatives, and trade them in unofficial, unregulated, highly liquid, amorphous, and emergent “marketplaces” making modest annual returns of  (5.2 to 17.5%) while Sam’s contacts at Mossad ran the systems management and organization. He has since invested in Stripe, Snapchat among various other companies.

This helped them retain their fortunes after massive spending and Geo-Political movements, they have been the eminence grise behind many a political movement and regime, invested massively in STEM activities and more.

In 2008, following the financial crash and the wipe-out of Milosevic’s regime, he was arrested and interrogated several times by the new securities fraud squad of the Israeli and US intelligence. He was suspected of (and, in 2009, convicted of) securities fraud in a strange affair involving the purchase of a state-owned bank (or secretly state-owned) big bank. He was taken to an unknown place in Alaska for four months and then put under house arrest for 3 years in Patriki after being fined US$ 200 M, serving his final years in Switzerland only allowed to take four trips for a duration of four weeks each year, basically eight months locked up in a rented mansion, in Switzerland, he resided in a US$ 250 million-dollar prison (since sold).

Inside his custom prison, Adam (much like Escobar) lived like a sultan. There were parties with gourmet food and booze, beauty queens and whores. There were drugs (Cocaine, LSD, Shrooms, Weed, Vicodin, Morphine and a few synthetics), water beds and elaborate sound systems and activities. Adam ran his financial empire by phone and internet. The mansion was outfitted with every toy and extravagance money could buy. Adam could sleep 200 guests at a time, and entertain them with food, music, games and parties. He built an airport, a heliport and a network of roads.

Adam is much like his mentor, Sam Vaknin, his considerable intellectual armory (e.g. an anecdote of his is that he mastered 29 graduate texts in 20 hours or zero to the edge of an academic discipline in 4.8 days) is practicable for few people on Earth, they are utterly realistic, Talmudically concise in their opinions, and damn relentless. It is impossible for them to be unclear in thought or in expression. Their insights profoundly illuminating and their statements precise. Each possessed of a multi-layered and bloodcurdlingly perceptive cunning and blazing intelligence, as well as a deep and delicate understanding of the causality that drives everything they see.

But Adam has another side, an outrageous blend of the erotic, darkly and hugely addictive charisma and exotic extravagance. Adam was a maestro. He enjoyed speed, sex, challenge and subtly showing off, mostly to himself but others could watch.

Adam has developed a charisma about himself over the years, and when he steps in the room everyone notices – and wonders what, exactly, his story is—both good and bad. Adam doesn’t just have an insanely above-average intelligence, but street smarts, and an insanely high tolerance for anxiety. He is sexual and aggressive. He is also, since childhood, competitive with anyone, demanding and has no fear of confrontations; in fact, he thrives on extreme and high-pressure situations often, it seems to have a calming effect (“As the temperature goes up, mine comes down”). And in contrast to his image, he is not extroverted. He can become charismatically engaging when needed, but in his private world, he is a private and reflective person with a poetic sense of philosophizing how he got to his point in life. He is, in the parlance, all business though. But his personality is like a physical force, an elusive, mysterious, unpredictable, addictive (“Walking Heroin”) challenge that’s always out of your control. People tend to like him, sometimes even when they know he is not on their side, and even those who hate his fucking guts have to admit respect. Even when at his darkest, he has traits, which one cannot help but admire. Bold, charismatic, independent, audacious and genius. Capturing the audience with their charisma, incredible intellect, mastery of manipulation, and boldness of action, this character is a show-stealer, demanding your reverence at every turn.

The sentencing was so light because there was no concrete evidence, in fact studying each part in unison trying to figure out what he did must have made him confident they would not. Can one figure out a new emergent system like thinking from a single neuron one at a time—No.

Currently, he is worth at least US $ 60.82 Billion as of 2017 and not on the list for the reasons of he doesn’t want to be and is perhaps assumed to be a war criminal and opportunist not worthy of the beleaguered list. He is only 32! (Born September 1st. 1984)

He has cumulatively made $92,8 Billion dollars. He spent a lot on the clandestine research lab that he runs (US$ 20.00 Billion), (US$ 5.18 Billion) on personal use and was fined a hefty sum of US$6 billion (2008 arrest) to avoid a prison sentence and refund the victims of financial fraud.

The billionaires are kings, and Adam like all the other kings, has mansions (a particularly stately one in the Hamptons with over 70 rooms and a cave), personal helicopters, penthouses, beach houses, expansive estates, the land for the iron man movie, urban pied-à-terres and quaint 30,000-square-foot country homes and ranches, limousines, a wardrobe of over a million dollars of clothes and a fancy art collection ranging of up to $ 400 million dollars) a library of 13,000 books boasting rare manuscripts, obscure tomes, extortionately-priced academic journals and expensive relics to rival the Vatican.

And he still has cash to spare because he enjoys some of the trappings of his upper-class upbringing, such as his expensive wardrobe, several horses (naturally they’re cared for in a well-stocked stable), a large personal plane which is beautifully furnished, a fleet of hypersonic fighter jets (he is known to race them!~ at 17, he underwent SEAL training), his extreme sports hobbies (white-water rafting, deep-sea scuba diving and snow-boarding to sailing) and expeditions,  a collection of vintage, luxury and sports cars (25-$60 million total) that are in perfect working order not to mention tech and laboratories (personal) that universities would drool over but his net-worth still soars by 5.2 to 17.5% every year instead of at least remaining stagnant. In other words, money is no issue for him  whatsoever. He has even ordered 2 K-Computers to run AI in two of his houses (US$2.50B price total).

He leads a life of moderate extravagance, spending about $600 million every year. In a progressive world where all is for sale, Adam and other billionaires can buy themselves genetically perfect bodies: FFMI of 23.0, 165lbs. and a body-fat of 14%, or de-age themselves unbeknownst to the public.

Clearly, life is an IQ test, and money is how we keep score, because from an evolutionary perspective, intelligence is the mental ability to adapt; to take whatever situation you’re in, and turn it around to your advantage.

And what is more advantageous than money? Money buys mansions overlooking the Pacific ocean on one side and the mountains on the other. Money buys private jets and fancy cars. Money buys the best food, and the best servants, and politicians who impose your world views, scientists and clandestine research labs to the envy of all universities to explore all your questions and build pet projects, and media platforms to spread your ideas. It buys the best health care for yourself and all your loved ones, and buys the freedom to retire early. It even buys love (evolutionary psych 101 or gold diggers) and better teeth and hair, the perfect body without exercise and indefinite youth (plastic surgery and BioViva).

If you know where to shop, money is the solution to virtually all our problems, and smart people, as good problem solvers, tend to get money. It is the commodification of magnificent power.

It is the drive of this man that gets him going. My father told me, a man cannot be too privileged or he’ll do nothing he isn’t qualified for. Adam’s arrogance does not allow him to get this memo:

He is the most venerable kind of man: that does not preclude his being the most cheerful and the kindliest as there is nothing he despises more than the entrapping comforts of stability and familiarity, and nothing that will please him more than to see worlds broken and made anew. Nothing fazes him and though people are frightened by his intensity, nearly all of them are excited by his powerful sense of calm and control, he’s embraced uncertainty, calmly and emotionlessly and he’s often so experienced and savvy, that he’s still able to pull victory out of the jaws of defeat more often than not. As a result, he is very competitive and intense: anything he does he does exceptionally well. He is strongly compelled – where others are merely motivated. He is driven, relentless, tireless, and ruthless. He often makes it to the top. But even when he does not – he strives and fights and learns and climbs and creates and thinks and devises and designs and conspires. Faced with a challenge – he is likely to do better than most.  It’s the edge this gives him. The killer instinct. A certain degree of intensity about him, you think; or a piercing gaze. But he’s definitely got something. It’s the confidence of knowing that he doesn’t need anybody else, because the most important things to him are whatever they are, and individual people in his life are great, but they’re of secondary importance. X both thrives under mutating structure and even finds subtle ways of rebelling against it.


Excerpt from The Ghostman or from an onion link since removed.

The short answer: You fucking can’t.

Until then my heists were impeccably planned: A numbered brokerage account at a private bank in Geneva. A few million stashed in Kuala Lumpur. Brussels. Diamonds in Antwerp. Eurobonds in São Paulo. A real estate company in Johannesburg.

Our target was a German financial company that operated a currency-export office in downtown Kuala Lumpur. This was six years ago. Angela and I scoped it out. They had a big vault at the top of a skyscraper where they’d cage up incoming local currencies before distributing them to their branches all around Asia. They were loaded.

Every hour or so an armored truck would come in through the basement and drop off another few boxes of cash from the airport. In order to get to the vault, they’d use this high-tech super-secure elevator that led right to the top floor. Marcus figured out how to make that elevator ours. Once we got in, we took over the bank for a full hour in broad daylight. We drilled the vault door and emptied out everything inside. In the end, the take was something like seventeen and a half million dollars. It was more money than any of us had ever seen before. But then everything went wrong.

The team of perpetrators (myself included) was said to have planned for the dreaded things to be miles away on training routines. Too far to be a problem.

But the team also did not make sure a certain undercover cop was dead. One who later informed the Malaysian police of their plan. Most of them were killed or tear gassed and rounded up. They did not get the money.

The cops waited for us to hit the bank. The moment we got in that elevator, the skyscraper went Dog Day Afternoon. The Royal Malaysian Police sent in helicopters to circle the building and cordoned off a ten-block radius in the busiest part of the city so no traffic could get through. The building was surrounded by squad cars. By the time we cracked the vault, we had two different hostage negotiators on hold, one in English and one in Malay. At the time, the Royal Malaysian Police had only a handful of helicopters for the whole country.

They were search and rescue choppers, not air-cav. Back then, all of them were out at sea almost all the time, scouting for pirates and smugglers. Only one worked near Kuala Lumpur, and during the hour we hit the bank it was supposed to be doing training exercises a hundred miles away in Ipoh. In order to respond to us, it would’ve needed to land and fuel up.

Even if the police did everything perfectly, it would take them at least forty minutes to bring the chopper back. We would’ve ruled the air for an hour or more. We could bypass the police blockade completely, and fire off some tear gas grenades from the roof as a diversion. Even if the cops followed our helicopter, we’d fly toward the airport, so they couldn’t follow us without threatening air-traffic control. We’d stay under the radar, land somewhere deep in the country. When we planned the heist, we knew the cops would respond. That was inevitable.

Nobody robs a bank for an hour without anybody showing up. We’d planned for squad cars and roadblocks, and even hostage negotiators. But because the police knew we were coming, they had time to prepare. Roadblocks and squad cars didn’t mess with our plan—but helicopters did. Once we’d finished the heist, our plan was to escape through the roof.

Above the bank was a private helipad where the regional executive kept a chopper fueled and ready to take him back and forth between the office and his estate in the Genting Highlands. He was out for the day, so his luxury helicopter was just sitting there. It would seat all seven of us just fine, plus all our equipment.

Without clear airspace, our getaway was a nightmare. As soon as we touched the roof, we were open to sniper attack. Then, even if we managed to get to the chopper, the police could follow us anywhere. Hell, they could’ve shot us down. The whole rooftop exit was ruined. Instead, we had to take the secure elevator back down to the basement, steal an armored vehicle and drive right through the barricades onto the street and outrun the cops through the heart of the city. It was a dumb move, but we didn’t have a choice. We could either take our chances on the road or get blown out of the sky. We chose the road.

We came out guns blazing. It was like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. I can still remember the smell of gunpowder from my assault rifle, the blinding pain of tear gas and the ringing in my ears. I was never more afraid or excited in my life. One of our crew members took a bullet to the head even before we were all out of the elevator. I raised my assault rifle and pissed bullets at the barricade, but was shot three times and had to snort ungodly amounts of cocaine to get myself to keep going.

That’s when we all split up. There was tear gas everywhere, so I didn’t see where everybody went. I took off on my own. I lost the police in the marketplace, then went back to my scatter. I changed my identity and left the country as quickly as I could.

Mr Hayes, our jugmarker, also survived. He wasn’t even in the country when all this went down. He planned the whole thing from the back of his diner in Seattle. As soon as he got the news, he went to ground. He hid out in Mexico for close to six months before the heat blew over. It was like he dropped off the face of the earth.

He disconnected all his phones and tore up his Rolodex. By the time he came back, his reputation was ruined. He never saw the inside of a prison, but he never ran a big-time heist again. It was the end of his career and he’d scour the globe the next six years looking to kill me.

I’d eventually settle the score but that’s a whole other story involving a casino robbery, setting up a guy with federal payload cash and more deaths than I can count.

In other words, you have to plan intensively before doing anything big enough that it will attract helicopters.

Unless perhaps you can jam it and have it crash or fire at it. None of these things are easy when you have heat on you.

Academic work

Arrested at age 13 for teaming up with a group of MIT hackers (most likely those he met at the LOGOS lab) to crack a military satellite which they did in 4 months, he was in the process of downloading the source code to a data farm he rented pseudonymously when he was caught and sent to ADX Florence for 4 months, it is not known what he did but the deal was that he work for the US military lending them his expertise in their clandestine academic Black Ops operations, it is here at such clandestine institutions that rumors of fly-like MAVs, high-pressure submarines, Inertial dampers modelled on Woodpeckers and more have originated.

His involvements have ranged from Artificial Intelligence and a recent attempt to create inertial dampers from Woodpeckers to contemplating the feasibility of building bases and submarines for deep underwater use. His mathematical work for various hedge funds have prompted a few big shots (Isadore Singer, Nobel Prize winners, Fields Medalists and Jim Simons) to call him a peer of not only them but of Gauss and Euler (Various Email correspondences) and a great amount of controversy surrounded his first ever paper at 18 (2002)! Much of the mathematics at Renaissance Technologies is a very tightly kept secret but many respectable mathematicians have sworn that Rentech is “the best math and physics department in the world” with the money to have “arms” as many of these “monster-mind” men are rich in their own right apart from any funding committees, their ideas are quickly initiated. Many who come into contact with Rentech mathematicians, physicists and Computer scientists are not only impressed but frightfully so by the members that make up it’s elite. Some have told me there are a few who could have an entire shelf of Field’s Medals and Nobel Prizes, before I discredit this as hyperbole would Gauss and Euler not have been so eligible?

The sharing of knowledge far from being free is fragmented even in academia does one often not hit pay-walls? (Pubmed etc.) In Corporate and secret Government labs, they cannot always patent but they can keep secret innovations for years, the competition is MASSIVE and there’s no relax, no tenure “Stay up or out” thus many suicides have occurred. Contrary to popular belief, they cannot be “black boxed” and Rentech’s obvious success at keeping at bay the diffusion of ideas of former employees is a testament to it’s possibility for Government as well despite Bill Nye’s popular argument against such an ability to maintain secrecy in any organization.  Several financial startups have successfully made complex execution strategies that would render capable participants better off starting their own academic research bases as to try to crack Rentech mounts sufficient risk of simply wasting money and talent.

John Overdeck and many other hedgies have gone toe-to-toe with Terence Tao, himself a legendary child prodigy and possibly one of the best academic mathematicians of his time at mathematical galas in New York. Many say to me that of course in academia we are smarter but the important distinction is on average, in diverse areas of business lie very extreme individuals, Adam’s track record is not at all very believable to most.

The only work I know of Adam’s in detail is his derivation of String Theory and LQG as a special case of Chronon Field theory but the rumors of the injection shot of innovation he provided to the military? To Rentech? Even a proof of FLT that is only a page long based on a complicated set of mathematical truths and a prime counting function that Fields Medalists of Rentech he challengingly mocked sat in front of waiting for divine revelation? It was 2002! He was 18! His Proof due to his own arrogant approach to unveiling it was rejected for a while, since it was his first ever mathematical paper too. It has applications to the Birch Swinnerton Dyer Conjecture, the Riemann Hypothesis, Computer Encryption and more.

Adam has since his controversial first-ever paper on Partial Differential Equations that give insight into the Riemann Hypothesis at age 18, has continually published at a rate of almost 7 major papers per month, he is 28 and has racked up 800 major papers ranging from pure and meta mathematics, mathematical physics, applied mathematics, and other previously non-mathematical subjects like: Computer Science, Chemistry, Biology, Sociology, Genetics, Economics and Engineering i.e. fly-like MAVs, inertial dampers, strong-weak nuclear circuitry (more efficient), weapons, synthetic polymers, heavy elements, communications and energy generation etc. He has been accused of skimming the cream, he never stays to work on the details once illumination has been provided.

A NASA employee at the Ames Research Center in California, told me that his work at Rentech is simple,

He has discovered a set of analytic definitions that generalize and simplify large swathes of mathematics. He has attacked the Hilbert program from a new light, at Renaissance, some are charting serious territory with his findings, solving problems pertaining to Yang-Mills, Navier-Stokes, pure mathematics and mathematical logic. He writes in a very conservative fashion in contrast to his journal (written in many ancient and modern languages so no one else can really read it) where his pondering of extent and implications are rife, ever the perfectionist, he does not like to publish many of the results of his research, fearing that they were never perfect enough, he wanted to make it rigorous to the point where no one could ever find fault even multiple proofs where possible. Or, as Gauss would describe it, “pauca sed matura” (few, but ripe).

He owns many private research startups (working with government and corporations) these days all in STEM and spends over US$ 2B -600 million each year on these and himself even pet projects like de-aging, regenerative therapy and billionaire crowd-funding for a 100 km electron-electron particle accelerator to be built at Rentech? At ENS?

General Life

He is a good strategist but excels when events change around him and he has to improvise, he is remarkably adept at finding creative ways to win no matter how difficult the situation, his strategic cunning and insight, incisive psychological insight, powers of interpersonal interaction and understanding of the mechanisms of power go unmatched by most and he enjoys manipulating the development of his life, business deals and relationships. We tend to have the conception of prodigies as those with an endowment of one particular faculty of the brain and thus out of their depth, an ordinary man awarded gifts that they can’t appreciate. Perhaps they are naive and know little of the nature of men or the importance and application of effective action, he is capable of extending his remarkable ingenuity in dealing with difficult situations such as foes and deathtraps and of making incredible strategic moves to great conclusion.

Known to have a wicked sense of humor that translates into him being impossibly witty and sharp-tongued, often quick with a casual quip, satirical narrative, joke or sarcastic (snarky) comment on his immediate situation; his wit can also have a wry, subtle and riotous even scathing and cynical side, and in matters of caustic disassembling and cutting sarcasm,  he is equally as seemingly incontestable and often as funny as he is offensive, seemingly knowing exactly what to say and do to gain the wanted effect. He surprises everyone with his casual wisecracks and smart-alecky remarks, and they do get him into a bit of trouble. In a “bluer” mood, he demonstrates that he knows his way around a metaphor or a poignant remark. He has a deep and intricate aesthetic sensibility and philosophical bent which is hidden in the conservative nature of his public writings. With effortless eloquence and blistering, abnormal verbal proficiency, he gave coruscating  crystalline, abstractive dissections and elegant explanations of the twists and turns of labyrinthine and resplendent abstractions; spouting effortless sophistry that undressed any matter.  

“For him, it seems impossible to be unclear in thought or expression, his insights profound and his statements precise.”

Difficult tasks are a privilege to him; to play with burdens that crush others, a recreation. He finds his happiness where others would find their destruction: in the labyrinth, in hardness against themselves and others, in revolutionary change. I define him, as the “new man”: an “overpowered” psychological and agentic superhero free from “the shackles”. He is brilliant, brutal, bored, existentially neurotic and very adventurous. But also, when the situation demands it, he is beatific and arrogant.




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