Family Genealogy of Adam Konantovich

A few notes on Adam’s bloodline are as follows including the life of his paternal grandfather which I found most interesting:

Adam’s paternal grandmother was child J and his grandfather was child L from Leta Stetter Hollingsworth’s study of children above 180 IQ.

Great Grand Parents
J’s father made 446 on the CAVD, indicating a childhood IQ of 180+.
J’s mother made a 435 on the CAVD, consistent with a childhood IQ not less than 170. (J comes by her intelligence honestly.)

Not much about her could be found but:

At 7 years, 10 months, J had read 6 Shakespearean plays, 46 books, and used encyclopedias and dictionaries independently.

Her poem at four years old is as follows:

It’s March, yet snow is falling fast,
And one may hear the wintry blast.
A budding tree, a sign of spring,
Will to me great gladness bring.
When crocuses have put their heads,
Above the softened garden beds,
An when in all the fields around
Lively little lambkins bound,
And green creeps up across the lawn
I’ll be glad the snow has gone.

Child L’s Father was a self-taught electrician and his Mother was a graduate of Hunter College.

Jewish grandparents were brilliant (Von Neumanns).

Child L’s brilliance: This anecdote was given as a example of what Christopher Langan who was dubbed  “The Smartest Man in America” was probably like as a child, he was often allowed to lecture (for as long as an hour) on some special topic, such as the history of timepieces, ancient theories of engine construction, mathematics, and history. He constructed out of odds and ends (typewriter ribbon spools, for example) a homemade clock of the pendular type to illustrate some of the principles of chronometry, and this clock was set up before the class during the enrichment unit on ‘Time and Timekeeping’ to demonstrate some of the principles of chronometry. His notebooks were marvels of masterly exposition. “Being discontented with what he considered the inadequate treatment of land travel in a class unit on ‘Transportation,’ he agreed that time was too limited to do justice to everything. But he insisted that ‘at least they should have covered ancient theory.’ As an extra and voluntary project, ‘he brought in elaborate drawings and accounts of the ancient theories of engines, locomotives etc’.. . He was at that time 10 years of age.”

Childhood Personality Characteristics are strikingly similar to that of Adam Konantovich himself at the same age (17):

  • Young L’s erudition was astonishing and seemed to have no bound (“He learns instantaneously as soon as he hears of a topic”).
  • Grew from being frail (premature) to relatively large, robust, impressive and  abnormally strong, tough and physically fit.
  • Fondly dubbed “Professor”
  • Intellectually easily the leader of the group
  • Is very intelligent, perceptive, sophisticated, educated, cunning and adaptable, but also self-centered.
  • Attitudes and abilities appreciated by both pupils and teachers (Very Charismatic).
  • “Too mature”
  • “Should be more of a nuisance”
  • “Very cheeky and mischievous”
  • “Bit and scratched with anyone independent of age or size”
  • “Need to make him more of a real boy”
  • Completely autodidactic with many constructive hobbies.
  • Not much playing… lacked time and companions.
  • Likes solitary sports, but not organized sports
  • Emotional adjustment better than average
  • Tends to be alone
  • Taciturn and emotionally unperturbable
  • Rarely asks for sympathy or encouragement
  • Dynamic, enterprising, self-sufficient and self-directed
  • Tends to ignore advice of others
  • Seldom or rarely substitutes daydreaming for action
  • Tends to dominate in face-to-face situations
  • Tends to be well-adjusted to environment
  • Philomath, Wanderlust, Neophile and Aesthete (severe levels)
  • Solitary
  • Fiercely and often diabolically Independent
  • Non-social but charismatic and socially very adept.
  • Extremely tough mentally and physically.
  • Show an enormous capacity for self-sufficiency, for the ability to operate alone, independently and autonomously, in managing their worlds with a fascinating cool at their core.
  • Unusual confidence in themselves, ethereal and envelop themselves in mystery. There is no limit to what they can undertake communicates their confidence and it is unpredictable what I will says their imagination.

Child L was a Nazi party member, who defected to Germany at age 15 to try to turn the tide of defeat he saw coming Hitler’s way, he was Jewish but physiognomically he was tall(6’0), blond and blue-eyed. He helped in Operation Barbarossa but the commanding general would not heed his advice of focusing on Moscow as the only city to take, performing false retreats, allowing the Japanese to invade Russia with their own ethical code of conduct and bringing Spain into the war by waiving their 200 million dollar debt. He even invented but did not complete the jet aircraft and STG-44 in Germany, which he was recruited by US military during the Cold War to complete, he was the father of Cold War military aerospace and missile design even solved the Mordell Conjecture but not having a PhD and due to his criminal past no official recognition was awarded. He made a fortune from patents made during the muscle car craze, making him over US$ 200 million. A perhaps apocryphal story was that his jet was shot down over Siberia were he stayed for months awaiting rescue in a depth of jungle even hardened Spetnaz never dared tread, killing tigers and bears day in and out while there he became preoccupied with wondering seriously whether to abandon civilization for a primitive life he had begun to enjoy. He produced great books in history, literature, philosophy, and made art and poetry even as he behaved continually in abnormal patterns that ordinary peoples may suggest arose from deep-seated maladjustment and even depravity. When he married in 1950, the couple devoted their lives unduly to sensual pleasure in ways that are popularly regarded by more sober and restrained members of society as wicked or depraved. By his fellows who are especially austere of his ways of careless bon vivant were often attacked with thunderous vigor, to join him in certain extreme acts, held as largely responsible for the ills of mankind.

Family Controversy:
His grandfather’s friends included Nicolae Ceausescu, Emperor Hirohito, several African Dictators (Qaddafi etc) and a few higher ups in organized crime including Pablo Escobar even being caught up in gang wars. He was also friends with Cornfeld, the British Royal Family, Shivdasani, the Koch Brothers and Gaon. He also sympathized with Nazi party members and was investigated by the FBI regarding Hitler being in Argentina. JvN, an uncle of his, cut contact with him for Nazi collaboration.

One report indicates that while on a sea voyage he seduced a young Hungarian-Russian beauty and also her similarly enticing and voluptuous mother. After the mother and daughter discovered that he had been alternating his sexual attentions between them, with convincing vows of eternal fidelity to both, they maintained a fierce and idealistic loyalty to him and each sought diligently to obtain financial advantages for him through intercession with the husband (of the older) and father (of the younger), who had not, because of urgent and important business responsibilities, been able to accompany them on the voyage even to the point of murdering others to his benefit. This is apparently a typical example of his ability to impress others, including very learned and intelligent people that they were, with his appearance of profound sincerity and of innumerable other virtues and remarkable abilities and achievements. The sexually perverse philias carried out by this handsome, athletic young man of idealistic and intensely virile appearance were acts of memorable sadistic depravity.

He is described as being extremely calm and poised after these deeds and entirely free of remorse. After the first murder of several members of an enemy gang he spoke with great interest about accounts of it in the newspapers, expressed opinions about how the gruesome wounds might have been inflicted (he had surgical knowledge), and even communicated with the police, offering to help them discover the murderer. The victims were tightly bound and gagged. Points brought out at the autopsies indicate that he wanted men to remain alive as long as possible to experience the agony resulting from his vicious torture and that he seemed to relish particularly while the victims still remained conscious and capable of feeling it. It appears to me, however, that such an argument ignores the peculiar and astonishing callousness of psychopaths and also ignores the fact that they appear to take a positive and boastful delight in silently showing off in the midst of their uninviting, destructive, and antisocial achievements. They often seem to relish this as an exhibition of their prowess. I think it much more likely that such a man as he would want to savor the afterglow of his perverse and sadistic crime, to exult in his success, and to flaunt his ability to hoodwink the police than that he would be unconsciously seeking punishment in order to ease a conscience which was causing him great remorse of which he remained unaware.

Other notable things:
As a 8-year-old college freshman, he maintained social contacts, graduating Phi Beta Kappa from Caltech at 12.

Consider this quote:

On his own initiative, L is investigating the possibilities of scholarships in his triple major at Caltech in Physics, Mathematics and Philosophy. He says ” I spend between two to three hours a night on coursework. I don’t need to do this but I am aiming for national honors (scholarship) and taking it very seriously.

He is a stickler for the exact in scholarly endeavors; no statement is right  unless it is exactly right and neutrally objective .  It is easy to see how this trait might antagonize average children of C’s age, and even teachers and others in authority.

Selective private schools by national scholarships.

His Parents
His Father, a Caltech UG (perfect GPA) /Princeton PhD Physics: SAT 1600 and GRE: 2100, tenured at EPFL (25 ~ full professor), then Stony Brook, Karlsruhe and finally University of Oslo (where he retired), who made his fortune through inheritance and various entrepreneurial work. IQ is 188.5 on SB.

(Father, b. 1954): Physicist (80 papers in Fluid Dynamics, Mathematical Physics and Super-Conduction), Inventor (97 patents in Aerospace, Electrical Engineering, Robotics and Avionics), Pilot (Hyper-sonic Jets), Black-Belt in Aikido and Krav Maga, fluent in nine languages (Japanese, Sanskrit, Mandarin, Spanish, Russian, English, Polish, French or partial German), Travel Nomad, Centi-millionaire business owner. He attained tenure at École Polytechnique at the age of 25 and had won an IEEE Medal of Honor, CNRS Gold Medal, Nobel Prize in Physics and finally, the Wolf Prize by retirement at 60.

Adam’s father, Nathaniel Konantovich was a harsh taskmaster who never wanted to be saddled with a child in fact he would have loved to indulge womanizing and work without that complication.

The last time I had seen her was for breakfast at Ole’s, an old-time pancake house on Alameda’s main street, the East San Francisco Bay city where I lived. I had met her there with her boyfriend, Nathaniel, who was over 30 years older — a huge and imposing man {age: 61} of over 200 pounds of muscle, with voluminous grey hair and the fading natural good looks of Cary Grant, dressed in a tailor-made suit, the indifferent scowl on his face making me feel like he was not happy — with the restaurant, the food, me (his son) — or Angela, who, at 23, could have passed for his much-younger daughter.

His mother, a grad-school dropout Computer Scientist who attended Carnegie Mellon Comp. Sci PhD /Berkeley UG, achieving a SAT score of 1590 and a GRE score of 2400. Her dad was a “Termite” and a college professor at Princeton related to Boris Sidis. Her mother, a Korzybski graduated with honors in Mathematics from the University of Gottingen. IQ is 167 on SB.

(Mother, b. 1962): Pulitzer-prize nominated Novelist in Philosophy and Historical Thought, Model, Chef, Carnegie Mellon partial PhD in Computer Science.

She has inherited her mother’s
dark eyes, olive skin, luxuriant hair and luminous complexion, and although not conceited about her physical attractiveness, she likes to take care of her appearance and ensure that she is well presented. When an idea or a task arouses her interest she throws herself into the project with tremendous enthusiasm and takes great pride in her work. She is multi-talented; as well as having exceptional academic abilities, she is an excellent pianist, a talented singer, and a superb actress, and everything is done with flair and élan.

Recent Notable ancestors (Paternal):
Abel, Nucky Johnson, Walter Pitts, Erwin Rommel and a US Pilot (Ace of Aces), Da Vinci and rumored Hypatia.

(Maternal) Korzybski: Korzybski was born in Warsaw, Poland which at that time was part of the Russian Empire. He was part of an aristocratic Polish family whose members had worked as mathematicians, scientists, and engineers for generations. A war hero (Ace of Aces Pilot), A prohibition-era Mafia Boss, A billionaire inventor, William James Sidis, generals in the Grande Arme, Bankers in the court of Louis who funded American Independence.

Recent Notable Ancestor:
William James Sidis, Richard Albert Loeb, Alfred Korzybski, Friedrich Nietzsche.

Familial Background

The Family is a pseudo-aristocratic dynasty which dates back to at least the Norman Conquest and the Polish Invasion of Russia in 1606, which has amassed a stupendous fortune through both legitimate and illegitimate excursions ((US$ 2.52 Billion)). These fortunes have been multiplied astronomically ((US$ 133.54 Billion dollars/US$ 209.003 billion dollar hedge fund)) in recent times by Adam Konantovich himself, who invested a huge chunk of it in option strategies throughout the Balkans and Russia, following the breakdown of communism there. Adam was always wealthy. He grew up a nuclear family worth north of US$100 million (US$ 280 Million later 2.7 billion.)

Though he was born in Scotland, he had by the time he was 17, been to over 16 countries. Adam Konantovich was raised in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Scotland (a castle), the son of a Pulitzer-Prize nominated author and a successful entrepreneur and twice Nobel Laureate physicist. His childhood was the embodiment of concerted cultivation. Throughout his childhood from the time he was a new as 6 weeks old to the time he left home at fifteen, the Konantoviches had been with him sight-seeing through sixteen different countries. Summers he would work as a research assistant for scholars in various fields. He was permitted to maintain a radically accelerated curriculum equally remarkable for it’s breadth and depth of content.

The average IQ of his family based on generational test records of 150 known tests is around 148.9 on the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Test (SD~15) and 168.4 (SD~16) on the Stanford Binet, meaning the average in his family is a professorial level of intellect. The number of patents, low base rate achievements, net wealth and awarded distinctions of the family is in the top 10% of academics world-wide enough to rise to the top 200-300 in a university ranking.

Adam descends from families both on his matrilineal side (Korzybski), for which the precocious appearance of severe talent and handsome, dominant, charismatic, athletic young men and women of idealistic and intensely virile appearance has been a theme throughout several generations, his ancestors have been engineers, scientists, mathematicians, famous prodigies (William James Sidis), generals, inventors even a few scoundrels such as swash-buckling pirates, clever con-men and crooked political advisers, it was only because Adam stood out so extremely that he was deemed a prodigy. His Norwegian father also comes from a extended family which has included several world-class thinkers. A grandparent was the inventor of a few electrical devices used the world over that made him a fortune of around half a billion dollars, and one ancestor though not necessarily direct, was a legendary mathematician (Niels Henrik Abel).

His ethnicity is as follows: Ashkenazim “Polish”(Korzybski), Ukrainian (Sidis), Irish Latin American Descent (Argentinian) and Finnish/Greek extract with a touch of Scottish from my mother, Primarily German, French (Huguenot), Northern Italian, Northern African, Swedish, Norwegian (Abelian), Ashkenazim, Czechoslovak, and Austrian from my father.


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