Incredible Lineage of the Konantovich Family

The family’s remarkable lineage is two-fold. It starts with the English Wedgwood, Huxley, Cowper dynasties which includes Charles Darwin, Isaac Newton, Henry Cavendish, Lord Kelvin, James-Clerk Maxwell, Nicolas John Harley Pellowe, Francis Galton and a few eminent but not such that they are remembered names. From his mother’s side, we have a German-American Family that hailed from Detroit, making him a descendant of Walter Pitts a great but troubled genius, Schopenhauer, Beethoven and Carl Friedrich Gauss (“The Greatest Mathematician since antiquity”). The full list I do not have and am sure there are more especially in regards to statesmen, there are a few pirates and the like as well. His mother’s father had married into a Jewish family, Korzybski  with noted Spanish (Renaissance) roots that names among Nietzsche, many engineers, mathematicians and the like. This line links up to Child L who had a child with Child J (never married) from the Leta Stetter Hollingsworth study whose parents were a from another clan of distinguished intellectuals mainly bankers but most notably a Jewish engineer nicknamed “The Alien”. The Korzybski’s and the English Dynasties both believed in what they call “accumulative” breeding and have practiced this since the Norman Conquest based on their theory of genetic wealth and thus it’s accumulation upon counting their then wealth.


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